Interdisciplinary Resource Center for Nanotechnology

...going for nano

  • Zeiss Libra 200FE

    Transmission Electron Microscope with high-efficient autoemission cathode, Energy Omega-filter,and Koehler illumination system (patented by Carl Zeiss SMT).

  • Zeiss ORION

    Scanning Helium Ion Microscope is a novel device that incorporate both Focused Ion Beam and Scanning Electron Mycroscopy approaches. Being a very surface tool due to the origin of ion beam with solid interaction it is also the first scanning microscope with a subnanometer resolution (theoretical resolution limit is 0.25 nm) .

  • Zeiss Merlin

    Zeiss Merlin - scanning electron microscope with field emission gun and GEMINI-II ion column.

  • Zeiss Supra 40VP

    Scanning electron microscope Zeiss SUPRA 40VP installed in the Interdisciplinary Resource Center for Nanotechnology is equipped with a wide range of additional options that turn a good SEM into unique analytical system.

  • Zeiss AURIGA Laser

    Рабочая станция Auriga Laser с пересекающимися ионным и электронным пучками дополнительно укомплектована твердотельным лазером.

  • Evex Mini-SEM

    Tabletop scanning electron microscope Evex Mini-SEM SX-3000

  • Sample Preparation

    Sample preparation complex installed at IRC lab includes systems for precise ion etching and spattering (Gatan PECS, Gatan PIPS, Fischione NanoMill) as well as machines to care out the whole cycle of TEM sample preparation.

  • Light microscopes

    Light microscopes with options to image the sample in different contrast mode in transmitted and reflected light.