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Transmission Electron Microscope Zeiss Libra 200FE


Libra 200 FE is an analytical transmission electron microscope compatible for biology and material science. Equipped with high efficient Field Emission cathode and energy Omega-filter it is suitable for high-accuracy measurements of structureand atomic compositionat of nano-sized objects at ultimate resolution. Shots taken on Libra 200FE at IRC for Nanotechnology.

General specifications:

Accelerating voltage:

  • 200 kV, 80 kV (installation planned), 120 kV  (installation planned)


  • ТЕМ mode 8х - 1 000 000х
  • STEM mode 2 000х - 5 000 000х
  • EELS mode 20х - 315х

Spacial resolution limit:

  • TEM mode 0.12 nm
  • STEM mode 0.19nm

EELS energy resolution: 0.7 eV

Methods available

  • Hi-res TEM
  • TEM
  • STEM
  • ED
  • CBED
  • EELS
  • EDS
  • Z-contrast
  • Sample temperatures: from -170С to 25С


  • Sample's crystalline lattice characterisation
  • Local analysis of atomic composition
  • Heterostructures quolity analysis
  • Identification of defects in semiconductors
  • Fine structure of biological objects characterisation

Sample requirements

The standard sample size for TEM in a plane of the holder 3 mm in diameter.

Typical TEM sample thickness:

  • Semiconducting materials, metallic allumina alloys: for TEM - 1000 nm; for Hi-Res TEM - 50 nm