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Light microscopes

Light microscopes with options to image the sample in different contrast mode in transmitted and reflected light.

Zeiss Axio Imager


Light Microscope

Magnification up to 1000х.

Reflected and transmitted light mode.

Polarized light.

Differential Interferernce Contrast.

Images, obtained in IRC


Olympus SZX16


Olympus SZX16 stereomicroscope

Magnification: 0.7x - 11.5x

Working distance up to 141 mm

Transmitted and reflected light

Digital camera: 2576x1932 px, exposure time: 1ms - 160s


Olympus BX-51


Light microscope Olympus BX51

Reflected and transmitted light

Magnification: 12,5x - 2500x

Focus fine step: 1 mkm

Modes: bright field, dark field, DIC, polarized light

Digital camera: 12,8 Mpx, 1360x1024, exposure time: 1ms - 160 s.