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Scanning electron microscope Zeiss Merlin


Zeiss Merlin is a Scanning Electron Microscope with Field Emission cathode, GEMINI II electron-optics column, oil-free vacuum system.

Except the standard In-lens SE and SE2 the microscope is equipped with STEM detector, four-quadrant backscattered detector (AsB) and low-loss back-scattered electrons detector (ESB).
Analytical capabilities are extended with Oxford Instruments Inca X-Act EDX spectrometer and Oxford Instruments Channel5 EBSD.


1.  Spatial Resolution for 15 kV
Beam Current      Resolution
40 nА                 0,8 nм
100 nА               0,8 nм
300 nА               1.0 nм

2.Source parameters
Beam current range
 10pA – 300nA
Beam current stability
 Better than  0,2% / hour