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Zeiss Supra 40VP

Scanning electron microscope Zeiss SUPRA 40VP installed in the Interdisciplinary Resource Center for Nanotechnology is equipped with a wide range of additional options that turn a good SEM into unique analytical system.

Scanning Electron Microscope Zeiss Supra 40VP


Zeiss Supra 40VP is a Scanning Electron Microscope with Field Emission cathode, GEMINI electron-optics column, oil-free vacuum system, and variable pressure (VP) operating mode. See Images taken at IRC.

Except the Supra family's standard In-lens SE and SE2 detectorsthe microscope is equipped  with VP-mode secondary electrons detector (VPSE), STEM detector, and four quadrants backscattered detector (AsB).

Analytical capabilities are extended with Oxford Instruments Inca X-Act EDX spectrometer,  Oxford Instruments Channel5 EBSD analysis, Gatan MonoCL3+ Spectrometer, and Gatan SmartEBIC electron beam induced current (EBIC) registration system.

Two Kleidiek Nanotechnik micromanipulators are able to contact and modify nanostructures with real-time process monitoring.

Additional literature links on Scanning Electron Microscopy as well as Analytical Methods of SEM could be found in Books section.


Gatan MonoCL3+


Cathodoluminescence registration system Gatan MonoCL3+ is equipped with precise parabolic mirror and two high sensitivity detectors which make one able to record CL spectra in a wide range of wavelength from ultraviolet (UV) to near infrared (NIR).

For spectra acquisition in 900 nm - 2000 nm wavelength range (NIR) the LN2 cooled InGaAs CCD-array Princeton Instruments/Acton IRCL-9 is used. It has 1024 elements of about 2 cm total length. Such setup implements spectrum Parallel acquisition that in turn gives a lot of advantages main of which is precise measurement of peaks relative position.

The system includes the continuous flow liquid helium (LHe) cryo-stage that could also be coold with LN2 (Dual-fuel option).

The list of Gatan SEM analytical tools is extended with SmartEBIC system for Electron Beam Induced Current registration (EBIC). For Current registration Stanford Research SR570 amplifier is used.