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Gatan MonoCL3+


Cathodoluminescence registration system Gatan MonoCL3+ is equipped with precise parabolic mirror and two high sensitivity detectors which make one able to record CL spectra in a wide range of wavelength from ultraviolet (UV) to near infrared (NIR).

For spectra acquisition in 900 nm - 2000 nm wavelength range (NIR) the LN2 cooled InGaAs CCD-array Princeton Instruments/Acton IRCL-9 is used. It has 1024 elements of about 2 cm total length. Such setup implements spectrum Parallel acquisition that in turn gives a lot of advantages main of which is precise measurement of peaks relative position.

The system includes the continuous flow liquid helium (LHe) cryo-stage that could also be coold with LN2 (Dual-fuel option).

The list of Gatan SEM analytical tools is extended with SmartEBIC system for Electron Beam Induced Current registration (EBIC). For Current registration Stanford Research SR570 amplifier is used.

System specifications:

  • Monochromator:
    • system: Czerny - Turner
    • gratings: 1200 gr./mm and 300 gr./mm
  • Detectors:
    • PMT - Peltier-cooled HSPMT, optical range: 200 nm - 950 nm
    • LN2-cooled 1024-pixel CCD-array Princeton Instruments OMA-V (IRCL9), optical range: 900 nm - 2000 nm
  • Temperature range: 6 K - 400 K.