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Scanning Electron Microscope Zeiss Supra 40VP


Zeiss Supra 40VP is a Scanning Electron Microscope with Field Emission cathode, GEMINI electron-optics column, oil-free vacuum system, and variable pressure (VP) operating mode. See Images taken at IRC.

Except the Supra family's standard In-lens SE and SE2 detectorsthe microscope is equipped  with VP-mode secondary electrons detector (VPSE), STEM detector, and four quadrants backscattered detector (AsB).

Analytical capabilities are extended with Oxford Instruments Inca X-Act EDX spectrometer,  Oxford Instruments Channel5 EBSD analysis, Gatan MonoCL3+ Spectrometer, and Gatan SmartEBIC electron beam induced current (EBIC) registration system.

Two Kleidiek Nanotechnik micromanipulators are able to contact and modify nanostructures with real-time process monitoring.

Additional literature links on Scanning Electron Microscopy as well as Analytical Methods of SEM could be found in Books section.


General microscope specifications:

  1. Spacial resolution limit

    Accelerating voltage
    200 V 5 nm
    1 kV 2.1 nm
    15 kV 1.3 nm
  2. Source characteristics

    Incident beam current
    4pA - 40 nA
    Beam current stability
    better than 0,2% per hour
  3. Vacuum modes

    Chamber at high vacuum (HV)
    5x10-7 torr
    Variable Pressure range (VP)
    1 Pa - 144 Pa
  4. Standard detectors

    • In-lens secondary electrons detector (In-Lens)
    • Everhart-Thornley secondary electrons detector (SE2)
    • Variable pressure secondary electrons detector (VPSE)
    • 4 quadrants backscattered electrons detector (AsB)
  5. Standard Stage Characteristics

Motorized 5-axis (Klein MK5)